Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday at the Gallery

I gallery sat today at my co-operative gallery, the Bromfield Gallery . This being the Thursday before First Friday, the gallery and studio opening event of the month in Boston's South End, it was extremely quiet. There are two artists showing, both gallery members and their work couldn't be more different, but both equally passionate. In the first gallery Jill Weber , whose paintings evoke the feeling of being in a fun house, where walls and ceiling collide and slant at dangerous angles. She approaches her painting as constructions and bases her imagery on the shadows and interplay of planes from skylights.

Connector Diagram Blue 2 - click for more information
Jill Weber, Connector Diagram Blue 2 12"x12" oil on board 2008

In gallery II is Betsyann Duval , I always look forward to her shows as she is constantly changing. This month she is showing large, charcoal drawings that center on some very famous women's faces, an appropriate show for women's history month. The images are close cropped and centered on the face. And as controlled as Jill's lines are, Betsyann's lines are wild and free, with a huge variety of mark making. 
Local Artists Exhibit Work at Bromfield Gallery
Betsyann Duval, Hillary, Charcoal on Illustration Board

Because it was so slow I took the opportunity to work out the composition for my next hula-hoop painting. My mother-in-law had given me a pot of narcissus that just bloomed, they were so delicate and fragrant and when I got down on the table I saw my next painting. One of the people who hula-hooped for me at VSC was Allison Sparrow. Isn't that a great name. She is a beautiful painter, unfortunately she doesn't have a web site so I can't show you any of her work, but she hula-hooped the way she painted, enthusiastically and with abandon, which seemed to me to match the vitality of the narcissus.

Composition for next Hula Hoop Painting. TBC

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