Monday, April 7, 2008

Piece Work

The assembly line.

Works in progress, all that remains to be added are the swavorski crystals, at this stage the are White Gold leaf, acrylic, 6"x8" wood panels

I have gotten into the grove of work again. My knee feels so much better, I can finally walk up and DOWN stairs. I am have a whole lot of fun with these paintings, I finished 8 today and have only 9 more to finish so I will have a total of 20. Ons of the interesting things about painting these people, is that I don't start out thinking I am going to change their images, but as I paint them, they start to morph. They become shy, confused, outgoing and sometimes younger or older, with the flick of a brush. One of the hulas, has even ended up pregnant. I think if she sees it she will be a bit shocked as I don't think she has any plans in the near future for children.

Unfinished, Haven't got a title for it yet
As soon as I am finished with the hulas I can get back to work on this painting I started in Vermont. I just loved paining all the stuffed animals, I think I am going to do a whole group of paintings with dead animals in them. While I was in the groove painting I had an epiphany, about composition. I frequently use rooms I have found in magazines, and then I painstakingly grid them out and copy onto the panel I will use. Well, it was one of those slap your head kind of moments, where I thought, now why don't I just photograph the mag, than do the composition in the computer. DUH. Well I think this will save a lot of time in getting the scale right.

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