Monday, April 14, 2008

Man Makes Plans and God Laughs

I finished all twenty of my hula paintings, hung them and am more convinced than ever that I should do 100. These twenty paintings were destined for a show in Chicago, but do to unfortunate circumstances the show has been cancelled. This makes the second show cancelled for me this year, I hope this trend ends soon as I am amassing a great deal of work with no place to show them. I will put them up for the upcoming May open Studios in the South
End, which is not the same.


Randy Garber at the Newton Art Center (my photo does nod do this piece justice)

Friday I went to a wonderful drawing show, titled "On Drawing, Surface, Line, Mark at the New Art Center In Newton. One of the artists, Randy Garber, who is a personal friend of mine had some of the more interesting work in the show. She was the only artist that presented  a different idea of drawing, her work was on paper, but because it extended out of the wall it became sculptural. The paper she used was a non traditional, piano scroll, and by suspending in on the wall she created yet another dimension for the drawing, light and shadow. The holes on the scroll, became marks on the wall and at the same time they were the absence of marks on the paper. Her work directly relates to her hearing impairment and the way in which language is construed and misconstrued. My picture does not do it justice !!! The other artist in the show whose work I responded to was Thaddeus Beal. He refuses to believe a drawing is dead and keeps working till he has it resolved. I loved reading his comments on his process. In he said. "I saved the drawing with the exuberant use of the erasure."   I wish everything could be saved that way.


Thaddeous Beal, charcoal on etching.


Sheree Rensel said...

Gosh Barbara. I just found this blog because I was reading Tracy Helgeson' blog and she mentioned meeting you at VSC. These hula hoop paintings are fantastic. Well, I looked at your website and all of your stuff is wonderful.
The "God laughs" comment caught me eye. It is too bad your shows are being cancelled but at least you had shows lined up. I am going through some kind of bizarre dry spell. I know what having a bunch of work and no place to show is like. Aaahhhhh, this too shall pass. It always does.
I am glad I found your blog. I will become a new fan.

barbara Poole said...

Hi sheree,
Thanks for dropping in and for your kind comments. I know the dry spells pass but when you are in the middle of one you just fill flattened and want to throw up your hands. But then, I think, well, what else am I going to do, and I pick up my paint brush and forget about everything else.