Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gallery sitting at the Bromfield Gallery

This is my first day out in the real world, doing things from my real life. I am a member of the Bromfield Gallery, a co-operative gallery in Boston's South End. Each member is required to gallery sit about 10 times a year. I say this is my first day out because for the last six weeks I have been in heaven, the Vermont Studio Center, an artists residency where my biggest worry was when to do my laundry. If you are an artist and have never been to an artists residency, start applying NOW. It is the only place I know of where you can expand and fill up all the corners of your mind with art. You are in an environment where everyone is either a visual or literary artist, your meals are prepared for you, you have a studio of your own and a bedroom and you can work 24/7 and nobody, will bat an eyelash.

 I was able to accomplish 5 months worth of work in 6 weeks and I have a studio in Boston. A lot of people ask me, if I have a studio already, why do I need to go away to work. It is because, when I am away, I am away from my life. The minute I get to my studio in Boston, I am already thinking of when I have to leave to go to the market, buy the food, cook the food or whatever other errand needs to be accomplished to run my life and my families life. At a residency there is only one thing to think about ME. The experience is an incredibly self-indulgent, luxurious but necessary blessing for the soul of any artist. 

The image at the top of the page is one of the pieces I completed at Vermont Studio Center. It is of the underpass to Lechmere train station in Cambridge MA , which is also its' title, it measures 24"x36" and is acrylic on wood panel. It is also very different from my usual subject matter. I'll discuss more about that in later posts. I completed 6 of these urban landscapes and one of my more usual subject matter, I call them 'Noir' paintings. This paintings title is The Epiphany, acrylic on wood panel, 24"x36". I really love doing both types of paintings but I am torn, because I am told that the road to success is paved in consistency and I find that I really want to stray from that road

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Shrinertim said...

This is cool to see your new work. I love the overpass series in particular. Now that we both have blogs (what a couple of geeks), we'll have to tag team each other.

You're it.

'course, mine won't be official for another month. I just won't have much to put up for a while...