Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snowy Winter

What a snowy winter, this is the first week since December when we are not having a snow storm. It is pretty cold here. I a feeling very stressed out,  I am trying to find either a new studio mate or sublet my studio entirely and either move to smaller studio in my building or move to a friends studio. This is a very difficult decision, my studio is too expensive for me to afford for myself, but I really do not love sharing it. If I move into my friends studio, I will be able to afford to stay, no matter what happens to us economically, but I don't really have enough room for all my stuff, felt and paint. A smaller studio will save some money, but not a huge amount. If I could count on teaching felt  I would be able to afford the smaller studio by myself, but I haven't got a good following yet. It is slow, but it is building.  I really need some afvice.


I have just finished three very beautiful scarves for my upcoming class in using prefelts. What I need is marketing skills. Just like every artist. I mean, consider this, you're a real estate agent, not only do you have to sell the house but you had to design  and build it and then figure out who this house appeals to. Well that is the position all artists are in. It is very hard to be good at all aspects of being an artist, most of us just muddle through the whole marketing thing, but without the piece, success can allude you. 

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Adria said...

Hey Barbara,
I LOVE what you are doing in felt. Those slippers crack me up.
I am excited about your teaching at ACA in the fall. Let's make sure to touch base.