Saturday, January 3, 2009

Best Laid Plans

This amazing image is from the next show, The Politics of Beads, I am curating at Bead + Fiber in Boston. The artist is Seattle based artist Scott Schuldt.  This image consists of thousands of individually attached beads. Check out the rest of his work on his website; Now if I can only shake this cold I will attend the opening.

How's that saying go, Man makes plans and god laughs?  Well it has been that kind of a week. If it could go wrong it did. Don't get me wrong I love having my kids home, but I am getting tired of fixing all the things they break! First the dryer, someone moved it to look for their dropped ipod and bent the vent. Next the refrigerator, left the door open all night when it was filled with food and killed the compressor. After that, the water heater, when the kids moved a bicycle in the basement ,it got  caught in the wires and disengaged the heater and last but not least, one of my little angels failed to read the parking signs on the street and got the car towed!!. To add insult to injury, I go to work and one of my fellow workers decides to give a belated Christmas gift, the worse cold I have had in years.  SO now I am  home watching bad tv with a sore throat that feels as though I swallowed a golf ball.  AND If all that wasn't enough to make me want to hibernate for the next year, well the icing on the cake was my studio mat, who was supposed to stay with me for at least six monthshas announced that she will be leaving me on March , after 3 months. SO I now have to find another person to share my studio.

When I am awake I am trying to put together my new website and my Etsy store. It is going well and I plan to get it up and running in two weeks. 

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