Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting ready to launch

Flower Slippers
I made these slippers as samples for what is possible when creating felted slippers. They make me smile, remind me of Dr. Seuss. I made these and the more prosaic one below to show my slipper class just what is possible.

I  call these Rosy Toes

The class started at noon on Saturday and was supposed to end at 5,  but I underestimated the time, so the class ended at 7 pm instead. I think everyone enjoyed the class, but all left exhausted.  Making felt is a very physical activity, and no one in my class had ever made felt before. I forgot that the laying out of felt is not a natural action and it takes time to get it right. But I worked with everyone and all the slippers came out.
I have been interviewing people for my studio, but so far no such luck. I really liked the first person  I interviewed, but unfortunately he managed to get a studio close to his home. I am happy for him but sad for me. The next two were totally incompatible, the forth is a possibility, but she already is in a studio and not sure what is going to happen. I had high hopes for number 5, but I am not sure she is really interested,  she showed up with her husband and seemed anxious to leave and didn't ask  questions. Oh well, I still have time.  Anybody reading this and lives in Boston, and wants to share a studio please contact me.

Tomorrow is the twins 21st birthday. I can't believe they are 21! Oliver is back in Scotland and Emma, I am sure will probably want to spend her day with her buddies But I insisted that she give me some face time, I bribed her with pumpkin cheesecake and champagne! SO I know I will see her for a few minute.

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The Lone Beader said...

Hi Barbara! I really like these Rosy Toes slippers! :) Also, thanks for your comment! It was nice meeting you & Andrea the other day! I know you were busy with your felting class.. It looked like fun! :) I will try to stop in soon - maybe this weekend! Hope all is well! :D